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Personal Guru

Whether you appreciate, collect, or like to entertain friends, Giordana will guide you with educational wine tastings. With personal at home training, she’ll introduce you to obscure wines you might not be familiar with and will shed light on what it is you do or do not like in varietals. You will learn wine lingo, how to identify flaws in wines and support palate evolution (ensuring you never consume a “corked” wine again) as well as how to navigate wine the wine lists at your favorite restaurants.

Wine List Creation/ Buyer Advice

Are you a bar/restaurant or wine shop looking to increase sales or add variety and excitement to your wine offerings but just don’t have the time to research or stay on top of trends? Let us help you breathe new life into the “same old – same old” with exciting and affordable wines. One of our specialties is helping capture more sales by readying for coming or current trends, as well as seeing when certain fads have had their day and are on the way out.

In-House Sommelier

Need a sommelier to put together a tasting menu for your next dinner party/event? Giordana will pair a selection of wines with your menu, based on your budget and will even somm the party. She will answer all questions the guest might have, as well as, introducing each wine with the food it is paired to. It’s an at home restaurant experience that will have your guests in awe! Having a personal somm on speed dial will ensure you always have the most resourcful information accessible in times when needed most.

Cellar Design & Purchasing

For those looking to develop a wine collection or need help altering & maintaining a current collection, Giordana will help tailor an inventory based on your budget, bottle capacity, and interests. A beneficial service for anyone looking to collect whether it is an entry level cellar, an inheritance, personal, or a financial investment with the intentions to flip and sell back to the market. Giordana has the resources to access collector wines of the most superior vintages and obscure regions; wines that will bring great esteem to any collection big or small.

Wine Service Training

Giordana can help train your staff and offer advice on how to sell more glasses of wine, while properly serving all varieties of wines and spirits. Giordana also can offer tips and provide advice on how to serve and track what is sold to save more money and avoid employee waste.

Cults and Unicorns

Giordana has over a decade of personal relationships which allows her access to wines and wineries that are not available to the mass market and are not sold in all wine shops. With these relationships, she cancatapault your collection to a more prestigious level. Not all wineries accept guests who are not in the trade, not all have tasting rooms and not all wine makers are approachable. Giordana can tailor and curate your travel experience by making sure you get to see and taste the best wines, from the most spectacular cellars. Why limit your exposure to vineyards of Northern California? Let’s go to FRANCE, SPAIN or even PATAGONIA where some incredible pinot noir is being made.

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